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        2. Family Medicine Summit (formerly ASA)
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          CMN ECHO

          CMN Launches ECHO Series

          Registration is now open for "Chronic Pain Gains in Alberta: An ECHO Series." This interactive, online program features real ses submitted by YOU. Work through these complex ses with fellow colleagues and receive feedback from an interdisciplinary hub team of experts.


          Get Involved

          Are you a mover and a shaker? Then we want YOU to engage in ACFP member program and service development as a committee member. The ACFP is currently accepting nominations for Operational Committees!

          ACFP Networks

          ACFP Networks

          Join our exclusive online community for ACFP family physicians across the province. The platform aims to provide a safe and secure networking space for not only ACFP members, but primary re providers to connect, share, and support one another while advancing best practices.


          Summit 2022 - Registrant Online Access

          Thank you for joining us for the 67th Annual Family Medicine Summit. Missed a session? Want a re-watch? Registrants have access to session recordings until June 4.

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